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Free Indeed!

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  • Free indeed? Yep. Free Indeed.

    All Christians struggle with temptation- that's a given. However, sometimes we get that feeling like we're in bondage to sin and addictions once again. We want to get rid of the garbage in our life because we know it is wrong, and yet we still feel chained to it.

    I've found myself in this situation many times with that frustrated, filthy feeling of guilt and failure. I believe it is a very dangerous technique of the enemy to make us feel enslaved once again to our sin. But we are not! As Christians, Christ set us free from bondage to sin. Sin is no longer our master. And in fact, that's why we feel guilty a lot. The unsaved often feel no guilt for their actions because sin is their master and they are slaves to it. They don't know of anything else, anything better, because they haven't experienced the salvation of Jesus Christ. But as for us who do have Christ in our lives, we are free from sin, whether we feel like it or not.

    The feeling of bondage to sin, as if we're chained down to it or imprisoned by it, is an illusion. We have lived our whole lives as slaves and prisoners of sin, and now that we are free, it often seems impossible to walk away from something that we were so accustomed to. I think of the slaves who were mistreated in the American south. After being freed by President Lincoln, many slaves returned to their old masters and continued working. They didn't know what else to do, they didn't quite understand what freedom meant because it seemed so out of reach.

    Likewise, here we are, feeling chained down to our sin and addictions because we still don't understand the freedom that Christ has given us. We go back to sinning, although it is not our master. We choose to be like slaves, when we no longer have to. We carry our own little crosses that Jesus already bore. I find it easiest when tempted to just try to remember that I am free, and that no matter what Satan tries to push into my thoughts, I can walk away. Christ does not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can handle. We can walk away and exercise our freedom. Remember that Jesus said, "if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" (John 8:36). We have been set free by the Son, and we are free indeed. Let's choose freedom over slavery, over our old life. We have the choice.

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