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All Scripture is given by inpiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.
(2 Timothy 3:16)
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Frequently Asked Questions on Christian Doctrine and Terms

The Following answers are:

Courtesy of The Mountain Retreat!**


  1. What must I do to become truly Saved?

  2. What is the Meaning of Life?

  3. Legalism, or Exhortation to Obedience?

  4. When That Which is Perfect is Come

  5. Do Christians really commit the Sin of Suicide?

  6. Do our Pets and Animals go to Heaven when they Die?

  7. What is Sin?

  8. Are Organ Transplants Biblical?

  9. Should Christians be Cremated?

  10. Is Smoking A Sin?

  11. Work Out Your Own Salvation with Trembling and Fear?

  12. Why should I be Punished when God made me this Way?

  13. How is the Christian Religion different from any other Religion?

  14. What Did Jesus Write on the Ground in John 8:6?

  15. What are eunuchs?

  16. What About Praying for the Dead?

  17. What does it mean to be 'Baptized for the Dead?'

  18. Is the 'Bema Seat Judgement' doctrine Biblical?

  19. What does Amen Mean?

  20. What does Selah mean?

  21. What about Clean and Unclean Meat?

  22. What does the term Millennial, mean?

  23. What does the term Amillennial, mean?

  24. What does the term Postmillennial, mean?

  25. What does the term Preterist, mean?

  26. What does the term Premillennial, mean?

  27. What About Dinosaurs, and are they mentioned in Scripture?

  28. Why is it Important that Jesus Really Rose from the Dead?

  29. What Does Being 'in the Spirit' Refer To?

  30. Did Jesus have any Sisters and Brothers?

  31. What Does it mean that False Prophets Deny the Lord, "that bought them?"

  32. What do People mean by Bible Believing Christians?

  33. This Generation Shall not pass til all be fulfilled?

  34. What about all the Contradictions in the bible?

  35. Did God choose our husbands and wives for us?

  36. What does it mean that, 'some have entertained Angels unawares?'

  37. Can Christians really know what Doctrine is the truth, and what is not?

  38. What are the 7 Deadly Sins, and is this Biblical?

  39. Why does The Apostle's Creed refer to the Holy Catholic Church?

  40. What of the Contradiction in the two Genealogies of Matthew/Luke?

  41. Can we know what year Jesus was Crucified?

  42. Can we know what year Jesus was Born?

  43. Do We Need Evidence to back up our Faith?

  44. How Can Genesis 6:6 say God was Sorry for doing something?

  45. For Whom did Christ Die?

  46. Does Christianity Abolish or destroy the Laws of the Old Testament?

  47. What Does it mean, Christ Preached to the Spirits in Prison?

  48. What is the difference between Covenant Theology and New Covenant Theology?

  49. Are There Real Prophets Today?

  50. What Is Heresy?

  51. What were The Nephilims in Relationship to The Sons of God?

  52. Glossary of Difficult Theological Terms

  53. Who or What is the Man of Sin?

  54. Can Christians Celebrate Christmas, and use a tree?

  55. God says He Creates Evil, does this mean God Creates Sin?

  56. What is the Significance of "Salt" in scripture?

  57. Why are there so many Churches teaching Differently?

  58. What Does it mean, 'the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world?'

  59. Is the Phenomenon called 'Slain in the Spirit,' Biblical?

  60. If God is Sovereign, why Evangelize?

  61. Are Tattoos and Body Piercings Biblical?

  62. Double Predestination: Intrinsical or Interpretative?

  63. What is Inductive Bible Study



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