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Rev. Samuel Frost is an ordained minister in the Episcopal church. Mr. Frost is a former conference speaker, author, defender and promoter of Full Preterism. By God's grace Sam came to see the error of his way and has engaged in refuting the system that he once embraced. You can visit Samuel Fosts Blog here:

Vigilate et Orate

One of the Preterist views of 1 Corinthians 15 is that it is NOT a reference to the resurrection of the body of each person but a resurrection of a congregational body of people. In their view what was 'dying' when Paul wrote the letter, was the body (group of people) of Old Testament Israel and what was being resurrected was the body (group of people) of the New Testament Israel. According to them this 'resurrection' took place on 70 AD with the Destruction of the 'old body' of the Old Testament and the rising of the 'new body' of the New Testament church.

The Preterists who hold to this view do NOT expect a physical resurrection or  a future second coming of Christ to raise the dead bodies of believers that have been buried throughout history. Sam Frost evaluates, exposes the falsehood, and refutes such position while exposing the true and orthodox position held by the Christian church and the Old Testament saints since the beginning.

In the links provided below Sam Frost provides biblical answers to some of the claims of preterist Don Preston, and preterism in general, in reference to the biblical teaching of the bodily resurrection of the dead which the full preterists deny as a Biblical teaching on 1 Corinthians 15:


Part III - Response to Don K Preston (12:12)



Part VIII - The Reason for Resurrection of the Body (11:16)

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